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The Federal Courts are Corrupt!

This site could, and in all probability will, put me in some peril. But Que Sera, Sera. (Thank you Doris Day)

The Federal Courts are Corrupt. That is not an idle claim. Here on these pages I will prove that along with examples I observed of the general corruption in the Federal Government. Please bare in mind that I am not a stupid person. I am, in fact, a member of Mensa, or would be if I paid my dues, I used to be, and did pass their test. I was falsely accused and ultimately convicted for a crime of which I was in no way guilty. I know "They all say that". No they all don't and some that do are no doubt right. Proving this is not my problem. The problem is holding your attention as I do so. To that end I will intersperse this narrative with cartoons I created at the time. I hope you will find them amusing and illustrative.

Hello and welcome! My name is Steve Thornberg. The events I will relate here happened 30 years ago but it is only now possible to tell this story due to advances in the internet. The internet, of course, did not exist when these events occurred. I had intended back then to make a comic book illustrating this corrupt trial and conviction, but eventually realized that illustrating the trial word for word would be incredibly boring and no one would read it. Instead, I have posted links to the entire transcript above. I don't expect anyone to read the whole thing because it is quite boring - but you can if you want.  I had all 3500 pages digitized at a cost of mucho dinero.  It just recently became legal for me to publish these transcripts.  Formerly the Court Reporters claimed copyright rights on such documents, but the Courts have ruled the the reporters cannot claim copyrights on such material because there is no original content. (proving that the Courts can occasionally do something right)

I think it is a citizen's duty to bring attention to Government corruption, in all forms, whenever and wherever one sees it.
I will open my evidence with a remark the "Honorable" Judge Paul A Magnuson made in sentencing me to four years.
I put 'Honorable' in quotes because it is an adjective others would use. Certainly not me. I would use words like dopey or moronic.

This from Court form AO 235 (Report on Committed Offender) Quoting the Dopey judge in his own words.

"This sentence is also given as a general deterrence. Personal deterrence is adequate in this case by simple conviction. General deterrence is mandated because white collar criminals of this nature need jail time to tell other potential rip-off artists that there will be consequences for wrong doing."
Dopey judge Paul A Magnuson.

You can see the entire form here.
(Link to come later)

At the time Dopey Judge Paul A Magnuson wrote it, that, that form was designated "FOIA EXEMPT" or Freedom of Information Act Exempt (note the stamp on the link), meaning that no one could ever see it except me and government types.  Some time between his writing that and my reading it, the Supreme Court ruled that there was no reason for it to be exempt and so I am able to include it here.

So he sentenced me, not for anything I had done, but to serve as an example. Apparently my serving as an example had no effect on Magnuson's good friend, U.S. Senator David Durenberger. Durenberger defrauded the U.S. taxpayers by back dating rental agreements and having them illegally notarized to collect back rent payments on his Minneapolis Condo. That, unlike my case, was a real crime.  He said he got bad legal advice. Duh!! He was a lawyer himself! Magnuson testified on behalf of this sleazeball before the U.S. Senate. In the meantime I was serving as an example in Duluth FPC (Federal Prison Camp)

I was charged in a 30 count indictment (I was charged in ten of those counts) alleging mail fraud. In a mail fraud case you are accused of a scheme to defraud and you are then charged with acts in furtherance of that scheme. The scheme charged that we, me and my co-defendants,  one of which was my brother James, would start up a business, run it into the ground amassing huge amounts of credit debt, and then file bankruptcy or simply move on to another company and do it all over again.

The problem with that as regards me is that I was involved in one one of those companies - the first one.  I certainly am not dumb enough to join those two fools in any future businesses after having gone through that one, but that is what I was convicted of.

The Supreme Court has ruled that you cannot charge a scheme in the indictment and then prove an entirely different scheme in Court and still hold the defendant guilty. (I will provide a link to that citation as soon as I find it in my vast un organized files),  My attorney never made that point. He was young and inexperienced or maybe stupid. Or maybe part of the Court's corruption.

Now, a little history. I was involved in only one of the charged companies, "Steven Lloyd Corporation". It was the first of the charged companies - all the others followed without me.  We sold seed and grain cleaners to farmers.  It was a bad company. I was the President/owner. We set up an office in the Shelard Tower in St Louis Park, MN - now it is called something else. Since I did not have much to do at the office and to save the company from paying me, I took a job across the road doing contract engineering at General Mills and left my brother in charge. That was my first mistake. 

I am making this history brief because it is necessary background but it misses the point of this site.

Eventually I learned that in my 2-month absence my brother and his cohort had run the company into a million dollars in debt. They had rented a warehouse which was about 60' x 40' with a loft half that size and it was full to the eves. It was full of crap mostly useless to the company. Totally senseless. In addition, they had purchased about a half million dollars in advertising.  They had also opened a bank account to hide sales and income from me. They were reselling the inventory contained in that warehouse and elsewhere for less than the purchase price and making deposits to their secret account to conceal it from me. I could go on and on about the stupidity of what the company was doing and probably will later. They were ordering all this useless merchandise to the Shelard Tower which is an office buildinv, and they had so much stuff on their loading dock that it was unusable for normal deliveries. So they rented a tractor trailer to move the stuff to the secret warehouse.  Utter and total stupidity.

I should point out that my co-defendant in this matter who is my brother James Thornberg, has just completed a 10.5 years sentence for money laundering and escape.  Those charges were from a different case that I had no involvement in.  He now has 10 years Federal probation and will be off paper and free to go when he is 83.  I will not comment on that further but you can Google him.  Or you can check here.

There is much more to come - stay tuned - check back often.  After I have completed everything else here I will switch to a better site for displaying those trial transcripts or I will pay the $20/month the current site wants to display them better.  In the mean time, If you are trying to view them from a computer you can use your magnifier function. 

Entire transcript of my dopey trial except for volume 24 which is only lawyers closing arguments, I was never provided a copy of that one. If anyone can read all that crap and tell me what crime I committed, I will establish a "Go Fund Me"  account as a reward.
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Volume 2          Volume 14   
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